Shocking! Syrian Migrant In Germany Opposes European Migrant Crisis!

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Question: “I’m originally Syrian and currently German. I came to Germany in 2008. I did my master’s in physics, I did then my PhD in particle and atomic physics, and then a did post-doctoral period in physics, and then decided to become a software developer professionally. I’ve been developing software since my masters. I’ve been doing software development professionally for over a year. Now basically the question I’d like to discuss with is: Where the hell am I going to go?”

“To put this question in context, I’m a workaholic. Besides my day job as a developer in the space industry, I have 3 other jobs, which is freelance work as a crypto developer, and my own personal project of a cryptocurrency exchange, and finally consultancy work for the university, since I built a communication platform they use for some experiment. And with all this, I trade cryptocurrency, so I made even more and more money… but… I’m going to pay half of it as taxes!”

“As you can imagine, someone who works this much wouldn’t be happy with 45% taken off his paycheck. My fault and sin is that I make so much money because I work hard. And instead of buying a big house for my family after living for years in apartments that range in size from 25 to 57 square meters, I have to pay taxes for those ‘refugees’ that live in 120-meter apartments and sleep every day until noon and don’t even learn the language of the country. I’m talking from what I saw and what my wife saw with our naked eyes. And yet, those people complain and are not happy with everything they’re getting for free, while I tear myself 16 hours a day working… and let’s not forget the sexual harassment my wife started receiving since the migrant crisis.”

“And it’s not getting any better! Although the dominant right-wing part in Germany got highly voted in the last elections, it still isn’t enough. The vote results are like 17% or something. And to be clear about my culture, I and my wife are ex-Muslims. Currently I’m a flaming atheist, the kind that had debates with people and argues using quantum mechanics and quantum field theory why this universe probably doesn’t have a creator. So after all this, I’m thinking of leaving… this country is going down and is continuously taking a cut of my children’s money… where the hell will I go? All western countries have gone crazy with leftism, and I don’t see a way out! Should I just stay in Germany and shut up and outlive this crisis? How should we deal with this?”

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