FreedomStream Help

How do I navigate Freedomstream?

There are three options to navigate Freedomstream. The first two explained are the drop down menu and the word click section on the page.



Both of these navigation menus work the same and users can use either to navigate Freedomstream. For example selecting notifications on either menu will lead to the same notifications section.

The only difference between the two menus is that the members section can only be accessed via the drop down menu. Clicking on either Members or Freedomstream of the drop down menu will take you to the Members section.



Directly below the on page word click section menu is the sub menu section. Additional and detailed options are available here as Freedomstream is navigated.



The example above shows the options available when in the messages section.

The third option to navigate Freedomstream is to use the menu in the top right corner. Just hover over the “Howdy (YOUR PROFILE NAME)” and the menu will come up.



This menu allows you to select and click menu and sub menu options more quickly and allows for faster navigation of Freedomstream.



While this menu option is faster to use it is recommended that one of the other two menus are used to begin with until you become familiar with the site.


What are the different Menu sections of Freedomstream and how do they work?



The Members section shows a list of users registered on the site. The list can be sorted and searched by using the options on the page. You can select if you want to follow or unfollow someone here.



The Profile section is where users can update their profile. You can change and/or remove your profile photo, change and/or remove your cover image and even change your Profile Name (Base name).



Other than private messages in the messages section the Activity section is where users can communicate and share content with each other.

For convenience all activity is separated into sub menus so it is easy to use and follow.



The Activity sub menus are…

Personal – This is where you will post. Anything that you post here will be seen by anyone that follows you.

Mentions – This section shows anything and everything that mentions you (@YOURPROFILENAME).

Following – This section shows any and all posts made by users that you are currently following.

Favourites – This shows anything that you have marked as a favourite. This is an excellent way to mark a post if you would like to be able to find and refer to it at a later time.

Groups – This shows all posts made in groups that you are a member of.



The Following section provides a list of users that you are following. Anything posted by anyone on this list will appear in your Activity Following page. You have the option of Unfollowing users on this page.



The Followers section provides a list of users who are following you. This list of people will see what you post in your Personal Activity page. You have the options of Following/Unfollowing users on this page.



The Notifications section lets you know when something of interest has occurred and draws your attention to it. Notifications are separated into read and unread.



The Messages section contains sent and received messages and gives the option of creating messages. There is also a starred section which shows any messages that you have marked by clicking the star. This is an excellent way to mark a message if you would like to be able to find and refer to it at a later time as only marked messages will appear in the starred section.

You can also click on another user’s profile and use the public and private message options beside their profile picture to send a message. A private message is a message only seen by the recipient while a public message will go onto the recipient’s activity page.



On Freedomstream we offer the option of creating and joining groups. This allows users to communicate with each other within a group so that only group members can view content that is shared within the group.

Just remember, that any post that tags a user (@PROFILENAME) will show up in that person’s Activity Mentions section even if the post is made within a group, regardless of the group’s privacy settings.

Under the Groups menu the Memberships sub menu will show any groups you are a part of and Invitations will show any invites to groups you have received.

To create and start your own group use the menu in the top right corner. Just hover over the “Howdy (YOUR PROFILE NAME)” and the menu will come up. Hover over Groups and then click on Create a Group.



You will then be asked to create the group profile. This will be very similar to creating a personal profile.

Once you have accepted a group invite or completed creating a new group the group will appear under the Memberships section of Groups. Clicking on it will take you into the group chat and display any options that are available to you.



The Settings section contains settings for updating your email, changing your password, when you receive an email from the site, your privacy settings and the option to delete your own account.


What do I do if I can’t find the answer to my question?

Not to worry. If none of the above has been able to help, than please feel free to use the contact us button below in order to send your question or query to the Freedomhub development team. We will respond as quickly as we can to all questions and queries.